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*For the sake of customer and win-win solution

PUTY always pay attention to pre-sale, sale and after-sales service throughout the product life, and strive to create more added value for our customers.

*Pre-sale service

1. Online Instant Communication

We welcome all kinds of consulting(network, telephone, correspondence and other various channels)

2. Face to Face Communication

we sincerely welcome customers to visit our company at any time

*On-purchase service

1. Treat every customer with our honesty, fairness, enthusiasm and preciseness.

2. We promise, every single product from PUTY has been through strict test.

*After-sales service

After-Sale Service Hotline: 0755-83260090

1, Customer can return or change products if any problems occurred during warranty period.

2, After-sales service hotline is available if any use problem occurred.

3, Marketing representative will pay a regularly return visit to customers, including the following aspects:

A If client is happy with our product quality.
B What problems happened during use? If client is happy with our solution.

C Which part should we improve to meet customers’ need.

4, register review table according to above review information

If there is any problem, Marketing representative will report to relevant departments to resolve all problems efficiently. Finally, marketing representative will review back to clients to feedback the solution.

In order to make sure our service is more efficient, in addition to our perfect pre-sale, on-purchase and after-sales service system, we also conduct a comprehensive management in the following respects

1, Asound customer file management

Every sales as well as after-sale service of each client will be recorded in PUTY’s file.

2. Strict technical team management

A, Each technician has 5-10 years experience, and need pass PUTY’s strict examination before working officially.
B, Customers’ interests is always our first concern. We promise any single problem from each customer will be treated and resolved seriously and efficiently. Also we will pay full attention to every single command from each customer.  

C. PUTY Business Centre will  organizes technical training aperiodically to business people,update the technical knowledge,improve service skills.

D.To ensure customer service has been improved continuously,We have also created competitive mechanism of the survival of the fittest and talent pool,better get the place, thus to ensure users can get sustained satisfactory service.

3.Standardized service behavior management

1.The company has established a unified criterion of conduct and

assessment standards,to ensure service process normative and rational.reduce or avoid service quality uneven because of the personal difference.

2.The company has established a multiaspect service supervision system.The persons will be severely punished who violate the professional ethics and service standards.

4.expedite information channels management
1,Customers can through the phone, fax, mail, E-mail, website message and other channels to communicate with us.

2、PUTY pays attention to the above channels in real time,to the consulting、complaints and other requirements of customers,we will give feedback in the shortest time.